Hej 👋🏽 I’m Janet Alexandersson

I’m a Swedish lawyer and philosopher living in Brussels.
I develop tools for making philosophy actionable in our modern context over at Meta.Observer.
I’m also busy finding the best ice cream in the world 🍦

Businesses and Projects I’m involved in:

Alexandersson Law
Alexandersson Law creates contract templates for partners with active online communities. If you offer professional training, licensing programs, or exclusive communities for professionals – develop custom contract templates with us and sell them to your members.

Actionable philosophy for the modern age.
I create and explain philosophical tools for those that need a deep understanding of topics like leadership, strategy, values, and communication in order to achieve their goals and lead a more interesting life.

Observer Club
A community for curious and action-oriented professionals. We focus on improving our lives and work by applying the lessons we learn through discussing philosophy, history, and economics. Every month there are hosted, live presentations and discussions of new thought experiments.

What I’m currently reading: