Hej 👋🏽 I’m Janet Alexandersson

I’m a Swedish lawyer and philosopher living in Brussels.
I develop tools for making philosophy actionable in our modern context over at Meta.Observer.
I’m also busy finding the best ice cream in the world 🍦

Businesses and Projects I’m involved in:

Alexandersson Law
Alexandersson Law creates contract templates for partners with active online communities. If you offer professional training, licensing programs, or exclusive communities for professionals – develop custom contract templates with us and sell them to your members.

Actionable philosophy for the modern age.
I create and explain philosophical tools for those that need a deep understanding of topics like leadership, strategy, values, and communication in order to achieve their goals and lead a more interesting life.

Magnum Opus Month
A month long event for curious and action-oriented souls.
We focus on creating a masterpieve that reflects our interests, skills, knowledge and/or experiences. The first month will kick off in February 2020.

What I’m currently reading: