Motivation Rewards

Motivation Rewards CAPACITY MODIFICATION FREE We are all motivated by the same four core motivations, over and over.  What varies is the types of power, status, meaning, and gains we want. For each goal you have a different combination will likely emerge. Knowing what that combination is can help you in your journey towards achieving your goals. Tool Contents Motivation … Read More

Motivation Rewards Tool

Motivation Rewards Learn what truly motivates each of your goalsFor each goal determine which of the three variables from each of the four categories apply to you.Track and evaluate your motivations using this spreadsheet. ▸ AUTONOMY Increased independence and/or freedom. ▸ INFLUENCE Increased impact and/or sway. ▸ CONTROL Increased authority and/or dominance. ▸ Power We are all motivated by the … Read More

Personal Personal brand

Understand and build your personal, personal brand CAPACITY MODIFICATION The anatomy of you is made up of internal, external, and relational variables. How you define each variable determines how you view yourself and your capabilities. Your personal, personal brand helps guide your choices, your interactions with others and the world, and moderates the internal dialogues you engage in. Tool Contents … Read More


Increase your capacity for focusing CAPACITY MODIFICATION FREE Flow can seem like an elusive concept, but it all boils down to knowing under what conditions you perform at your best. This tool is designed to help you experiment your way to finding flow on demand. Mix and match the variables to see how, when, and where you most easily fall … Read More

Task Priority Quadras

Task Priority Quadras CAPACITY MODIFICATION FREE There are four factors to consider when setting yourself up for being productive. The quality of work your are aiming for, how much time you need to dedicate to the task, the importance of your task, and the urgency of it. The two last factors are lifted from the Eisenhower Matrix together with quality … Read More

Randomize Work

Randomize Your Work CAPACITY MODIFICATION FREE It is easy to get into a rut when it comes to how you approach your work. You put on the same thinking cap every day and get stuck on how to move forward.Sometimes it helps to bring a new perspective to what and how you do. The Randomize Work Deck was designed to … Read More

Systematic Decision Making

Modify your capacity for making sound decisions. CAPACITY MODIFICATION FREE We make decisions every day. Some we make by default and others we make after taking an agonizingly long time to figure out what choice is better. This tool is designed to help you take a systematic approach to how you make decisions. It is also designed to help you … Read More