Community Behavior Framework

From Moderation to Modification

Create a community where people treat each other like neighbors.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed by conflicts and rule-breaking, provide structure for better and safer communication and re-focus on sharing ideas and mutual support.


Use behavior modification principles to guide your community members towards actions that are inline with the values and purpose of your community.

All behaviors are chain reactions created by triggers, actions, and impacts. These chain reactions take place in your community every time members interact in any way.

In some cases the impacts are negative and lead to confrontations, conflicts, and disagreements.

Using behavior modification to influence the behavior of your members you can gain better control over the actions and interactions taking place in your community.

The two main ways you can influence behavior is through incentives and corrections. In order to effectively modify the behaviors of your members you need to map out all the major actions taking place in your community and decide how you want them to change.

The Community Behavior Frameworks is designed to help you along every step of the way from information gathering, through behavior analysis and modification implementation, and finally to modification evaluation.

The Framework consists of a manual and a dashboard that are designed to help you put it to use in your community immediately.

The Framework is based on principles of behavior modification as they are applied in the field of law.

Human behavior is 93 percent predictable and with the right incentives you can guide the members of your community towards behaviors that benefit them all.

Most online spaces we participate in resemble the wild west, there are no social contracts in place that show us which behaviors are acceptable and which are not. This leads to trial and error setting the tone instead of basing our interactions on the values and purpose of each community.

The Framework was created to help you design and implement the desired social contracts into your community and turn members into neighbors.


Step By Step Manual

  • Actionable information
  • Checklists to keep track
  • Examples the get you started

Web based

  • Accessible from anywhere
  • Continuously updated
  • Simple content structure

Implementation Dashboard

  • Google Sheets databases
  • Templates to make your own
  • Checklists to track progress

The Framework was made for pro-active community hosts and facilitators.

The structure of the manual and the dashboard is based on the scientific principle. You will gather information, form a hypothesis, put it into action, evaluate your results, and make adjustments as needed.

You community is a living thing and the managing of the behavior of your members will be continual.

To help you keep track of your members behaviors and also promote healthy interactions the Framework includes both templates and tools that simplifies this process for you.


  • Behavior Review
  • Behavior Agreement
  • Town Hall Agenda
  • Community Guidelines
  • Behavior Orientation
  • Behavior Evaluation


A new community tool is released every month during the coming year. They are available for free to all buyers of the Community Behavior Framework.

Will the Framework be useful for my community?

The Framework is made for hosts and facilitators of communities that mainly interact online and serve a group of people with a common interest.

If you need a way to get better control over the behaviors of your community members the Framework will be useful for you. 

What will the Framework help my community with?

If your goal is to create a community with better relationships, interactions, and camaraderie, the Framework will help you learn how your members act within your community and set up rituals that will help you achieve that goal.

What is included in the Framework?

  • A web based manual that covers the step by step of how to put the Framework into action.
  • A Google Spreadsheet Dashboard with tables and templates to help you collect and deploy the information you will gather.
  • Monthly Community Tools that help you engage your members and build a better neighborhood.

Is there a workshop I can take instead?

No. Changing the behavior of your community members is not something you can do in one sitting.

Behavior modification is a continuous process and the manual and dashboard are set up to help up stay on top of things as your community grows and changes.

Let's move away from the endless cycle of moderation and start modifying the behavior of your members to create a thriving community where everyone feels at home.