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Janet Alexandersson




Not Daily Dispatches

Spicy, yet crisp thoughts in monochromatic video format for the entrepreneurial palette craving structure, frameworks and getting it together using shortcuts. Endless refills are available.


Virtual Lemonade

A lavish and relaxed drink sprinkled with introductions, curiosity and enthusiasm. For the new visitor wanting a gentle and personal introduction to the chef. Make your own reservation.




A delicious legal command center for business owners wanting to keep documents and obligations straight and take confident legal action with guided tools. Served with a dash of best practice cheat sheets .


Alexandersson Law

A heart warming platter containing everything needed for business owners wanting to collaborate and partner in ventures with others, all over the world. The main ingredients feature contracts and negotiations, in appropriate doses.


Dash Day

A communal dish that absorbs your todo list into a vat filled with structured accountability. Only offered on the last Monday of the month for pre-committed patrons who enjoy everything seasoning along with dining and dashing.



How To Save Humanity

A collection of essay truffles featuring a range of opinions, perspectives and thoughts on how humanity might be well and truly cooked, and how to get ourselves out of the proverbial fire. Some bitter notes, but free of charge.


Meta Observer

A compote of frameworks that require active participation for your full enjoyment. All the ingredients will be lovingly presented at your table while you pick and choose the ones you want to explore for your meal.


Delphi Cards

This dripping fountain of conversation starters will keep you coming back for more, just one more. Satisfying for anyone craving depth of thought and challenging whimsy when gathering around the table with new and old friends.