Behavior Modification for Communities

from chaotic to under control

  • Modifications help you control your community without the constant need for moderation. Each constellation has a preferred primary and secondary modification that corresponds to the distribution of values in that constellation.

  • In a circular community the primary modification is incentives. Incentives correspond to purpose. That means that if a member acts out of line with the purpose of your community the first course of action is to give them an incentive to realign with the purpose.

    In short, use the right carrot to get them to engage correctly.

A community host was struggling with attracting the right kinds of members. They ran a community for competitive equestrians and one of their values was something that did not match something else. This kept their ideal members from joining.

  • An example of a how a good value should be stated in order to be actionable.
  • Another example of a well formulated value statement to model your values.
  • An example of how not to write your values since this is not actionable.
  • A bad example of a values formulation and expression.

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